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What are credits?

Credits are equivalent for money and you can buy the number of credits based on your requirements.

What can i do with credits?

You can buy whatever the service you require. If you have 10 credits in open source plan. you can use them to buy any of the service or use all the service based on your plan untill you run out of service.

Can I select OS/Browser?

You can specify the OS and Browser build on your requirements from the available list Browsers and OS combinations. If you dont specify we will try to use the best combination.

Can I pay annually?

You most certainly can! When signing up for a subscription, simply select the annual option. You even get one month for free, 12 for the price of 11!

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely! Contact us and we'll make sure your subscription gets cancelled.

Will my credits expire?

No, your credits will never expire unused credits will carry forward to next month.

How to select the mobile for testing?

You can specify the list of mobiles that has to be tested on mobile devices and the team test them.

Do you test native apps on mobile?

Yes we test both web apps and native apps on mobiles.


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