Performance Testing

Askfortest also adopted for performance testing can vary widely but the objective for performance tests remain the same. It can help to demonstrate that your software system meets certain pre-defined performance criteria. Or it can help to compare performance of two software systems. And helps to identify which part of your Application which degrade its performance.

How it Works

Askfortest is able to simulate large loads on your applications and obtain quantitative information about the performance under a range of server loads. A slow running application will lose potential users. Askfortest testers make sure your app runs fast enough to keep a user's attention and interest.

Lets start finding performance issue now.

How we perform Performance Testing

Identify high-value use cases

Dynamic Test on Transactions

Identify Transaction with Poor performance

Analyse Application Quality

Identify Violations of performance best practices

Fix Violation and Retest

Mobile Performance Testing

When millions of people hit your mobile app at once, it needs to perform like a Askfortest. If it doesn’t, users head for the exits. The Askfortest allows you to accelerate mobile app testing and do it at an affordable price. So you can be confident your mobile apps are ready for center stage.


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