Mobile Application Testing

Testing mobile technology presents unique problems, such as frequent but short usage patterns, limited screen sizes and memory, device fragmentation, and, of course, a rapid pace of innovation. Askfortest mobile application testing takes on these challenges. It’s why many of the mobile industry’s top companies rely on Askfortest to make sure their network service, mobile devices and mobile applications work great – and look great.

Lab Testing

Lab environments are places of perfect connectivity, limited devices and up-to-date operating systems. Sadly, that's not the world your app is going to encounter outside the walls of your test lab.

On a Range Of Devices

The number of mobile devices grows everyday, bringing with it a range of screen sizes, resolutions, processing power, etc. You'd need a warehouse to store all these devices.


On Real Devices

Emulators and simulators simply don't cut it. Fingers on touchscreens are much different than mouse clicks and real devices aren't clean, well-maintained systems. But to house all the devices you would need for testing, you'd need unlimited space and an astronomical budget.


On Location

Connectivity changes with network and location, but you can't mimic those fluctuating conditions in a lab.


Outdated Software

Not everyone regularly updates their operating system. Some Android users might not even have access to the newest version. How does your app behave on older OS versions?


Start finding bugs on your App now. Test on multiple devices.

Mobile App Testing Made Easy

Functional Testing

The backbone of a popular app is the quality of it. We ensure you that we will not stop until we believe we could not perfect the app anymore. With replacement apps a few swipes, touches or clicks away, you need to be confident that your apps work as well in the hands of your users as they do in your lab. Askfortest is uniquely positioned to help you with its testing approach to achieve app quality™.

Test Automation Scripting

A comprehensive testing strategy, one that fits with your approach to achieve very high app quality, combines with test automation. You can leverage automated testing to ensure new code does not break old code, while also documenting assumptions about how different portions of an application should behave. Our test automation experts can assist you in creating scripts for a variety of tools including Selenium, Rational, open-sourced and others. Askfortest also partners with today's leading test automation vendors if you need a tool to execute test scripts against.


Usability Testing

The best technology is intuitive. A poor user experience can ruin your app, drive away your users and they can search more a more comprehensive app. Does your app meet your users’ expectations for layout and workflows? Is it easy to use and simple to learn? The Askfortest usability experts and global testing community will ensure your app hits all the right UX notes. As a team us and you can make sure we answer all the questions needed for a successful app.


Localization Testing

Localization testing, on location, by locals, in your target markets is the best way to ensure your app is intuitive, understandable and correct for the people who will actually use it. We've got this covered. We have connections with people throughout the UK so who ever you want to target, we can do this.

Localisation Testing

Load Testing

There is such a thing as too much success in the digital economy. When faced with slow load times or crashes, many customers will abandon your app or website entirely for a competitor. Askfortest offers a range of load testing services that can ensure your app can handle your biggest day. We won't say your app is finished until we utterly believe that we cannot do anymore.


Security Testing

Keeping customer information secure and private is a top priority for all companies. Unfortunately, new vulnerabilities are discovered every day and it’s nearly impossible to keep pace with them all. That’s why it’s critical to test your app’s security with seasoned security professionals. The security experts from Askfortest will dig deep to uncover the issues that can cost you time, money and reputation.

Expert Risk Assessment

Keeping your application secure is a never-ending battle. As you make changes or as hackers invent new ways to compromise applications you need to run another round of security testing.


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