Manual Testing

Askfortest performs manual QA testing cycles, on either a standalone basis or as a prelude to the development of an automated test suite. Testing can address black box testing of installation, functionality, compatibility, reliability and white box testing. Manual testing follows a Test Plan and Test Specification, provided by the client or developed by Askfortest as part of the project.

How it Works

Askfortest manual testing services give you the confidence that your app carries out all the test cases and executes on the application manually. Manual testing testers need only test case and with the information how to execute those test case on cloud-based infrastructure that allows for flexible and expansive scaling, while also coordinating with your internal team. Our Test engineer writes test cases on base of design document of the software. After the testing is completed, your performance expert analyzes the raw data and provides you with the most important and actionable insights that pinpoint performance bottlenecks and run tests. Finally your expert will analyse and provide results.

Start finding bugs on your App now. Test on multiple devices.

How we perform Manual Testing

Functionality of a program

We understand the functionality of a program

Test Environment

We prepare a test environment

Test Case

Will execute Test Case(s) manually


Verify actual result

Mobile Manual testing

Askfortest has worked a lot with processes and technologies for implementing Manual testing. As much as developing and executing tests, we work with establishing testing processes and software environments in which to perform them. At the time of testing our testers carries all sorts of test case and executes on the application manually, step by step indicates whether a particular step accomplished succesfully or failed. Our test engineer is also written for all type of testing according to test strategy of test plan.


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