Localization Testing

Localisation testing to ensure that your interactive project is grammatically correct in a variety of languages and technically well adapted to the target market where it will be used and sold. It requires paying attention to the correct version of the operating system, language and regional settings.

How it Works

Askfortest team of Quality Assurance (QA) and Localization Testing professionals can act as an independent, third party testing body to assist you from the very early localization planning stages through successful testing execution. After an application has been localized, it must be tested before market release. Many worry that testing increases time-to-market, but it should be noted that the cost of correcting a problem increases dramatically over time. Often, localization testing has been considered only for software that is localized, but the reality is that all localized content should be tested to make sure it is correct. The consistency and high accuracy of our testing services are a result of our unique staffing and organizational models.

Testing Services Across app Lifecycle


Do your apps work in the hands of your users?


Are your apps as intuitive to your users as you think?


Are your apps culturally appropriate?


Can your apps handle the pressures of the real world?


Are your apps suitable for all process?

Localisation Testing Process

Validation of all application resources

Verification of linguistic accuracy

Checking typographical errors

Confirmation of adherence to system, input, and display environment

Checking usability of the UI

Assessment of cultural appropriateness

Checking politically sensitive content

Checking market specific info about your company

How We Do It

  • Strategy

    We work with you to evaluate your business needs, analyze your project and create a custom plan to help you succeed.

  • Qualification

    We accurate the right team of writers, editors and moderators for your project based on individual skills and interests.

  • Optimisation

    We launch a pilot to ensure everyone is alligned , then continuously optimize for the duration of the project.

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