Compatibility Testing

Askfortest testing professionals focus on ensuring Desktop App , Mobile App and Web App Compatibility across multiple devices. Our testing team will ensure functions and compatibility across multiple devices of different resolutions, screen sizes and hardware. Here, test plan is drafted on analyzing the devices from the end user market. Testing devices and environment are decided respectively based on the analysis report.

How it Works

Askfortest first ensures on which set of environments or platforms the application is expected to work on. Our testers understands the expected application behavior under different configurations. And they set up environment for testing different platforms, devices, networks to check whether your application runs well under different configuration.


Start finding bugs on your App now. Test on multiple devices.

Compatibility Testing Looks On


Operating Systems







Mobile Compatibility testing

Mobile device market is so varied, it becomes virtually impossible to test an app on all supported devices. At this moment in time an iPhone app can potentially be tested on just a handful of devices, but Android devices include a much larger range, and so compatibility testing can really help here. The purpose of a mobile app compatibility test in general, is to ensure an app’s key functions behave as expected on a specific device. Askfortest compatibility testing itself should only take a few minutes, and can be planned well in advance. Askfortest testers make sure the software application is working fine in all aspects like operating system, database, browsers, hardware, networks and mobile devices.


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