Automated Testing

Askfortest employs experienced software developers with substantial automated test suite development expertise to ensure a reliable product is produced according to the schedule and budgets agreed at the start of the project.

How it Works

Askfortest implements Test Automation on any system poses significant challenges, like finding the best experts, choosing the right automation testing services for your project, and properly implementing Test Automation methodology. Test Automation is performed according to goals, timelines and strategy agreed between you and Askfortest. The automated tests can be run whenever you choose. Finally your expert will analyse and provide results.

Start finding bugs on your App now. Test on multiple devices.

How we perform Automation Testing

Select right tool for Automation

Write test scripts

Develop Test Suites

Execute the Scripts

Create Result Reports

Identify Potential Problems

Mobile Automation testing

Automating your mobile application testing is the best way to achieve the quick, precise results you need to accommodate fast development cycles. For the most practical results, you must also test on actual devices—without tethering, jailbreaking, emulation or optical recognition. Askfortest is the only solution that does this. It precisely captures and plays back all the gestures and their speed on real devices. No other solution meets your mobile app testing needs so well—and so affordably as like Askfortest solution.


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