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Drive Your App 5 Star Rating

How people discover apps are throught App ratings of postive or negative affect aspects.

1.  In the App Store, app ratings are taken into account for search results. Apps that have a lot of ratings, and rated positively are less prone to fluctuate in app ranking charts. Therefore more likely to hold their positions longer.

2.  Positive app ratings help an app appear higher in the search results.

3.  On a more personal note, when I see an app with a 3.5 star rating or below I’m hesitant to even install it, fearing a poor experience. I’d assume I’m not alone there.

Because of the above, asking for ratings became a common place. The ratings were simply too critical to app discovery and downloads to leave up to chance. But along the way, “begging” for ratings became despised and started to negatively impact apps.

At Askfortest we’ve worked hard to ensure that everything we do puts our users’ interests first. Asking for feedback and ratings should especially be a net positive user experience.

Get rid of App Crashing

You’ve probably faced it. You download an app, open it and *bam* – there it goes! Crashed. I’ve heard people talk about how Facebook or Instagram or Skype or any other app crashes when they open it. There are a ton of reasons things could go wrong and cause the app to crash and it would be wrong to immediately assume that the app is buggy. Go with Askfortest get rid of App crashing


Post your App & we will find the issue.

Users complaining

The reasons why mobile app users delete apps should serve as an inspiration for you to make sure this doesn’t happen to your app. You’ve already got them to download it. That is more than half the battle. If you want them to keep using it and sharing it, then do some functional testing on the different devices, find out why it freezes, why it crashes, perform some usability testing using an in-app analytics tool, measuring metrics such as screen flow and bounce rates. Ultimately you want to do this before you launch, just to make sure there are no surprises. But, you should be monitoring review sites, comments on the app stores and ratings post launch to make sure you catch stuff in time and fix immediately. Take Askfortest and get the opportunity for your app to shine!


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